Friday, February 25, 2011

Roti Canai in Abu Dhabi - Damascus Flower, Khalidiyah

Thanks KCL for recommending this wonderful humble little eatery :-)

Damascus Flower Restaurant
Add: Dairathul Miah Road, Khalidiyah
Located: Next to Al Sham Video/Gift, near Lebanese Flower Restaurant
Tel: +971 2 665 2835 , +971 55 564 8809

Friday lunch time means ... Briyani (Choice of Chicken, Fish or Mutton) at Damascus. And its REALLY good! Light, tasty, and generous with chicken pieces too.

We like the poppadom here too ...

The highlight? Malaysians need not miss ROTI CANAI any more in Abu Dhabi ... so good! Paratha here is just like our Roti Canai!

We have so far tried the spicy and tasty (shredded chicken) Chicken Chilli so far, as well as the really yummy Chicken Fry :-)

ps - Along with a can of pepsi, a bottle of mineral water and nice cha-eh (tea!) ... All the above cost under RM$20, or 23 AED. That's dirt cheap by Abu Dhabi standards!


minchow said...

I feel like quite the spoilt Malaysian brat, snubbing roti canai when it's found practically at every street corner. OK, in honour of deprived Malaysians placed out of the country, I shall make it a point to gorge on roti canai this week! :-)

GFAD said...

3 cheers for Damascus Flower! :D

I like that the paratha here is not as oily as roti canai in KL. And the briyani rice is really light and fluffy, again not oily at all.

jezz said...

Hi, julian..I would like to send you invites for a food event, but it seems I cannot find your email, can you contact me back at my email:
hope to hear from you real soon because the event will held next Tuesday, 15th March 2011, tq

Julian Si said...

MinChow - Heh heh ... Yes!

GFAD - Thanks for the intro to this wonderful eatery :-) Even little one loves it!

Jezz - Thanks Jessica, but I am not in the country until August time :-(

I can be reached at