Sunday, May 08, 2011

Al Ibrahimi - Pakistan food, Abu Dhabi

Add: Electra Street, Abu Dhabi
Near: Madinat Zayed, Sands Hotel
Tel: +971 2 634 6258 or +971 2 639 2204 ranks this as the 10th best restaurant (Out of 168 others) in Abu Dhabi ... and Time Out Abu Dhabi raves about it too. I don't quite know why! We have found a number of other eateries (Such as Damascus Flower, Kon Kan, and even Tandoori Corner) to be much tastier, and most of the "family area" has a strange toilet-scent! Eeeep!

Not the best of starts ... Mango lassi (8 AED - Too milky, too sweet!), but at least the large bottle of Mawafi water was cheap at 2 AED.

My chicken briyani, too salty and not heavily spiced enough, 15 AED.

Best dish of the night - Our Mutton Quorma or Mutton Curry, 13 AED. Very tender!

The Chicken Fry at 14 AED was also tender, and quite tasty. Still beaten by Damascus Flower!

The veg curry at 9 AED was not the tastiest of dishes too :-(

The roti was decent, but wait till you try the Paratha at Damascus Flower!

ps - The saving grace? Good waiters, fair prices, and child-friendly!

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Anonymous said...

Don't go to this restaurant again! It's dirty!