Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hediard 1854 - Full english breakfast, Marina Mall

Located: Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 681 6131
Last order for breakfast: 11:45am ... Back in 18-something, Ferdinand Hediard stopped mid-Tour de France (boy, was he Frenchand stumbled across some luxury goods (teas, chocolate, biscuits and the like) in Le Havre harbour. Needless to say, he saw a gap in the market.

I always assumed Hediard = Expensive, thus never really ventured to the eatery at Marina Mall, until bbG brought me over the weekend. It wasn't expensive, in fact it was excellent value at 39 AED for the "full english breakfast". As we had an Entertainer voucher, it was TWO breakfasts for the price of one, yes ... RM$30 for our entire meal!

Part 1 - Choice of juice, the strawberries weren't good according to the manager, so I chose fresh kiwi, whilst bbG had fresh orange juice. Yes, fresh. I had a cup of good Cappucino whilst bbG chose the Japanese Green Tea.

Part 2 - The continental part of the meal ... 2 rolls, and 2 slices of nice white toast. Posh butter, and posh Bitter Orange marmalade on the side, or you can even have some of their signature strawberry jam.

And ... Part 3. Yes, a 3 part breakfast! The "hot" section, of the Full English.
Doesn't look like much, but it was actually quite yummy, especially considering that the bacon (and sausage) was non-pork! Beef me thinks ...

I thought the level of customer service was mild-ly poor, but bbG said it may have been cos' we sat next to a pillar. Hmmm, this pillar did happen to be opposite where the kitchen was and where they made coffee! I will definitely give them another go again, as the food is decent, and the portions large, and the price ... right :-)

More history ... Hediard was born of the passion of one man, Ferdinand Hediard. At the age of 13, his life changed completely when he discovered the intoxicating profusion of exotic fruit at the port of Le Havre. These delicious wonders offered him a colourful and indisputable vision of his future vocation: sharing his discoveries by becoming a fine foods merchant.


katCL said...

Never eaten here before too. What time they open for breakfast ar? And do they have any beef-alternative breakfasts?

Julian Si said...

We went there for a 2nd time yesterday, was good! We got there 11:35am.

A family which arrived a while after us were not allowed to order the breakfast, they arrived at about 11:50am!

Get there before 11:45am, and enjoy ... Its on ENTERTAINER. Well worth it!