Friday, May 21, 2010

Morning Glory by Starbucks

Thanks to WT for this bottle of Starbucks Morning Glory :-)
Its a mix of Dragon fruit (!) and kiwis, and there are even some "authentic" seeds in the drink ... Refreshing ;-)
ps - Yes, new Nikkor lens ... 85mm f/1.4 ... Nuff said ;-)


June said...

i guess this is not sold in malaysi ?

Julian Si said...

Sure it is ;-) Purchased at Starbucks, Pantai Hospital (Yes, even hospitals have Starbucks now!!) ... RM$9

Jeoffry said...

Had this last night.
Stress-buster, not so much
but the taste and smell is definitely worth it.

Times Square Starbucks - Rm8.00 before tax