Friday, May 21, 2010

Home is where the stomach is ... Home cooking in Malaysia

It was a really good trip back home, and I made sure I didn't just eat out all the time ... the best food was definitely at home ;-) Y's chicken rice, home-reared kampung chickens courtesy of bbG's mama in TM!
Of course I had my share of porky meals ... Mmmh, porky soup noods.
Look ... not all I eat is porky ;-) I love tofu ... but not such a big fan of petai or chau tau!

Aunt Y calls this "traffic light" veges :-)

Really yummy, Aunty Y's special stewed porky dish ;-) Loh Chee Yuk.
And here's Aunt Y's signature chicken kai-chau noodles ;-)
More wonderful and wholesome food ...
I love home!

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