Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Jit Xin, Bukit Tinggi - Excellent pork knuckle!

Add: 8 Lorong Batu Nilam 27A, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, Klang
Tel: +6016 3187 178

I used to frequent this place a lot when I was permanently based in Klang, but it had been perhaps a year since I last went. It was my folks who brought me there again, and it was goooood!

We really enjoyed the Chiu-pai Tofu and the excellent lemon chicken.

Signature .. Pork Knuckle. Flavoursome, and some tender! Not a hint of dry-ness, wow.

The verdict? This says it all ...

ps - I remember enjoying many other dishes here too!


~Thinke®~ said...

this got me hungry now... shall go there n try the pork knuckle! LoL
*drooling* Ah! i should get back to work now... =p

Julian Si said...

It's good :-) I went again tonight!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

we were just in Klang! ate till nearly exploded. great food.

Amelia said...

Hi Julian, u are back?

I frequent Jit Sin too but it has been a while since I last went there. :D Fancy a dinner together?

Anonymous said...

Julian, am a fellow Malaysian in the UAE (Dubai to be specific) and am off this weekend for my first trip to Abu Dhabi. Like you one of the things I miss most about Malaysia is the food!

You have me hooked on the Reem Cafe and have read all your posts on it. Have found the map you referred to ( but are there signs for the Cafe? Is it easy to find once you get to the Tamouh area?

Don't know Abu Dhabi at all but am making my way there with a GPS so if you coordinates for Reem Cafe they would be most appreciated!

Am determined to find the place!


Julian Si said...

Unfortunately, I don't have the GPS coordinates. Its actually INSIDE Tamouh's office block, so you will have to follow the signs for "Tamouh".

Perhaps next time I go, I will take photos of landmarks and markers along the way :-)

1) Don't go on Fridays, its closed.
2) If the guard asks you, say you work with, or have business with Tamouh! The cafe was meant for Tamouh staff!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, thanks for the tips will try and find it this afternoon! If I am successful will send you the GPS coordinates.


Anonymous said...


Sorry for not getting back to you for ages. Been busy switching jobs, etc.! We managed to find the Tamouh site on our first try and managed to have some economy rice as well! Probably the cheapest meal I have had in the UAE - AED 15 each!

Now for the bad news...I managed to save the location on my GPS but I now don't know how to extract the coordinates! Have been googling etc. but still have no clue...the option just doesn't show up which is really quite stupid and annoying. The GPS units is a Garmin nuvi 205. Will persevere and I can find out how to display the coordinates I will let you know.

P.S. On your recommendation, the following evening we ate at Hankook Korean Restaurant - we really enjoyed it so thank you very much! (Was a little tricky to find so also saved the location of that restaurant into my GPS unit...but having the same prob as above...)

Julian Si said...

WELL DONE for finding Tamouh :-) Care to share "directions" with me?

I went again tonight - Sweet and sour chicken with Hor Pau / Fried egg and rice. Nice!

Ah, you found Hankook too. Glad to be of service ;-)

HAPPY MAKAN here in the UAE!

Anonymous said...

Aiksss, I live in Bkt Tinggi and have never come across this restaurant. *must try*. Thanks for sharing


Julian Si said...

Cheers -Klang- :-)

Many who live in BT have never tried this little place I think, but I think anyone who does will be pleasantly surprised!

We like it :-)

Julian Si said...

Cheers -Klang- :-)

Many who live in BT have never tried this little place I think, but I think anyone who does will be pleasantly surprised!

We like it :-)

Anonymous said...


Managed to figure it out thanks to this link:

Coordinates for Tamouh:
24°29'30.6"N 54°24'6.7"E

Coordinates for Hankook:
24°28'39.1"N 54°22'35.9"E

After Hankook, would also recommend going across the road to the famous Lebanese Flower Bakery for some very nice baklava!

Coordinates for Lebanese Flower:
24°28'30.8"N 54°22'38.9"E

Gotta love the GPS! :)

Would be great to meet up with a fellow Malaysian food lover the next time you are in Dubai.

Julian Si said...

Travelling quite a bit this month and next, but I am sure there are some days where I will be in AD!

Email me!

Juliansi at Gmail dot Com

ps - Thanks for the GPS, I shall update the blog posts ;-)