Monday, May 17, 2010

Favourite happy hour place - The new WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Tiger's a fantastic beer ... especially when served at WIP, Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC) ... I think its my favourite drinking hole at present!

Some occasions call for a celebration ... A box of Romeo y Julieta No.2's which I brought back :-) Cheers, guys!

The food here's pretty good too, especially the Calamari. So good we ordered it TWICE one night!

The best Happy Hour ever ... Nothing like WIP to help one relax after a day at the office, or a day out! They have such a cool and innovative policies, such as

1) IOU - Have one drink, whilst your 2nd HH (Happy Hour) drink sits in a cold place :-)
2) Parking - You can order a bunch of cheap drinks at the end of HH, get a bunch of "parking tickets" and claim them through the night!

Sometimes one has to brave a little traffic to get here :-) Its worth it!


Bangsar-bAbE said...

You're back in KL??!! Why never ajak me out? :(

Julian Si said...

Hey, I did put it up on Twitttttter, you didn't reply mah :-(

OK, see you at WIP next time :-) eg. Mid June!