Thursday, April 22, 2010

There's Hokkien Mee in Abu Dhabi

Simple, healthier (!) variant of Hokkien Mee ... Only at Reem Island, Abu Dhabi :-)
GPS: 24°29'30.6"N 54°24'6.7"E
(Updated! June 2010 - Thanks to an anonymous Dubai reader!)

ps - Yes, its Halal, with no chee-yau char!


mimid3vils said...

quite watery....

Anonymous said...

Julian, am headed to AD next week and am desperate for some good Msian food! Had a look at the link for Tameer Towers you had put up in an earlier post but couldn't find a map on there.

Any chance you might have GPS coordinates? :)

Food looks good and I am really eager to try it out!


Julian Si said...

Enjoy your trip to AD, don't forget to visit the Leaning tower of Abu Dhabi, the Grand Mosque as well as the Circle Building ;-)

Unfortunately, I don't have the GPS coordinates. Its actually INSIDE Tamouh's office block, so you will have to follow the signs for "Tamouh".

Perhaps next time I go, I will take photos of landmarks and markers along the way :-)

1) Don't go on Fridays, its closed.
2) If the guard asks you, say you work with, or have business with Tamouh! The cafe was meant for Tamouh staff!!