Friday, April 02, 2010

Driving from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Time to leave Dubai :-)

The 120km drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi ... Saw this nice Mk V VW Golf GTI zooming along. Hmm, that's a speed camera he is about to pass at 150km/h! No worries... they don't fire unless you hit 160km/h, or so I am told!

Syeikh Khalifa bin Zayed Highway ...

You tend to see many Toyota and Lexus Land Cruisers along the way!

Yas Island exit ... I thought of the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix F1 race which is on this weekend in Sepang!

Taking the turn-off at Saadiyat Island saves me at least 10 mins, cos' it takes me directly to Port Zayed area :-)

After an hour and five minutes, you get your first glimpse of the Abu Dhabi skyline :-)

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Hadi Santoso said...

very beautiful pict,,i like it