Friday, April 02, 2010

Reem Island - Our favourite makan place in Abu Dhabi!

Directions / Map of Reem Island: I found one here!
Nearest landmark: Abu Dhabi Mall
GPS: 24°29'30.6"N 54°24'6.7"E
(Updated! June 2010 - Thanks to an anonymous Dubai reader!)

We love Reem Island Cafe, thank goodness for Malaysian cafeterias here in Abu Dhabi! They serve dishes, eg. Stir-fried Tofu ... but also other "single meals" as you will see from the below.

Mmmmh, yummm ... Belacan fried rice with Fried chicken ... and one of the best dishes here, Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice, topped off with a fried egg (18 AED + 2 AED).

Hokkien meehoon-mee, one of my fave dishes here, good enough to feed one and a half persons :-) 18 AED. Love the sambal/chilli sauce it comes with. Mmmh, I always have the Barley Panas here too, 3 AED.

Individual set dinner, aka Tip Tau Fan. In this case Black bean beef, with Rice at 18 AED. Topped off with a fried egg, 2 AED.

One night, I decided to have the Sizzling Beef instead, served on a Hot Plate, aka Teet Pan Ngau Yuk. 29 AED, but really its enough to feed two, but I was hungry. Really! So verrrrry good :-)

And a dish which may not be available every night ... Claypot / Mushroom Chicken with Rice. Pretty good too!


byron said...

Hi, where could find this place? Lookin at it makes me miss KL alot.

Julian Si said...

Found a map here :-)

byron said...

Thanks for the map, but still couldn't find the place. Actually drove around and ask the people there, but non spoke english well my luck ain't good. Just to confirm its at the construction site right, do i drive towards the Tameer office site? and what do i look for and what do i ask? Also could outsiders eat there?

Julian Si said...

Some major construction works in progress, so don't go when its dark! Look for signs for "TAMOUH".

To be honest, they do NOT allow outsiders to go, but I charge through anyway!

ps - Closed on Fridays!