Friday, April 02, 2010

Daihatsu Sirion or Perodua Myvi - Abu Dhabi

Amongst all the Land Cruisers, Yukons, Hummers and huge beasts, there are still "little" cars in Abu Dhabi :-) Here's one! Thought it was a Perodua Myvi, turned out to be a Daihatsu Sirion!
Did you know ...
The Perodua Myvi is a supermini/subcompact hatchback manufactured by Malaysian car maker Perodua since 2005. Based on the second generation Daihatsu Sirion/Boon and Toyota Passo, the Myvi is the result of Perodua's collaboration with both Toyota and Daihatsu. The Myvi is the best selling car for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 in Malaysia.

Wikipedia also notes ... The Myvi boasts either one of two water-cooled, four-stroke engines derived from the first generation Daihatsu Sirion: A 1.0 litre EJ-VE engine with three in-line cylinders, or the Toyota Passo: 1.3 litre K3-VE engine with four in-line cylinders; both engines employ Dynamic Variable Valve Timing (DVVT) systems and conventional electronic fuel injection (EFI).
In addition to raw performance, features previously uncommon on Perodua cars were inherited from the Sirion to the Myvi. Among them are 4-hole injectors, foamed urethane injected to the A-pillar, centre pillar and B-pillar for noise insulation, immobiliser systems and pedestrian injury reduction body construction. Other notable features include underbody air flow regulating items, resin intake manifolds and cylinder headcovers integrated with air cleaner cases (for 1.0 engines) and flexible flywheels for reduced vibration during running (for manual transmission).
A quick look on showed up a used example in Dubai...
Daihatsu Sirion, 2006, golden, fully automatic, single owner, for Dhs 16,000/- fixed.
That's about RM$15K.

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