Thursday, April 22, 2010

Test drive - Toyota Camry 2008

Some basic specs to get out of the way first:

Engine: 2.4 litre , front wheel
Transmission: 5 speed automatic
Horsepower: 158 bhp
Torque: 218 Nm
0-100 km/h (0r 0-60 mph as I would like to call it): Eeeep, 10.5 seconds!
Top speed: 194 km/h

The shots I have taken here are only of the interior, as I am sure the exterior is pretty much known to most people! In fact, you have probably seen the interior too, in a taxi ride of some sort!

Non inspirational dashboard (The Accord is much nicer, without being "OTT"!) ...

I had a chance to drive the 2008 Toyota Camry for a day, and was seriously dissapointed. It just felt like it lacked the little touches which made the 2008 Honda Accord such a pleasant drive. For example, there is no cruise control in the Camry, nor are there any stereo controls on the steering wheel. The ventilation controls felt poorly designed, and didn't click-click or have that tactile touch of the Honda.

Worse of all, the drive quality! It felt wallowy, difficult to place, exhibited worse cornering control and flatness when compared to the Accord, and the brakes were spongey. Eeep! In ever way, the Accord was a better drive.

Uh .... yes, that's a cassette player you see!

Best touch? The gear-shift looks the part!

A parting shot ... Yes, it got up to 40c this week! Arrrrgh!

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