Monday, October 15, 2007

Port Klang Golf Resort

Played at the course near my factory for the first time ever ... We were heading to Nilai from Soo Ka's home, but it started pouring ... Ka thought it may not rain in Klang, and he was right! So we made a detour ... and played on his home course :-)
Turned out to be a nice course, playable with some challenging layouts, and nice smooth greens. Course held out well despite the rain on the previous day, and it only drizzled on a couple of holes. The rainjacket I brought back from the UK certainly helped!
The TURFMATES (Yamaha units, ask for No.100 ... its fast!) were a lot of fun, sort of like a jetski on grass!
The fees = 80+ ringgit for Green Fees, and 30 bucks for the Turfmate.
The result? Ka & Julian (7 holes won) -v- Pete & Jeanette (11 holes won)
Julian (108), Ka (109), Pete (101), Jeanette (113)
The verdict? Pete and myself thought very highly of this course, it has tremendous potential, and we will definitely return back with more friends!

My favourite shot ... Pete taught Jeanette how to blow up some Magic Mushrooms with her 7 iron ... POOF!

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