Sunday, October 14, 2007

One Noodle, SS2 ... Yummy fried rice!

A return visit to this noodle house at 66-68 Jalan SS2/67 PJ. Call +603 7877 8499 if you get lost! We like the food here, simple, clean, fast service, tasty, but on the slightly more expensive side.
Here's what we had ... Items in BLUE - Good , and items in GREEN - Must eat! YUMMY!
i) Shanghai Steam Pork Dumpling, $6
ii) King Soy Sauce Fried La Mien, $10.80
iii) Chinese Pork Chop, $10
iv) Pepper and Salt Egg Plant, $8
v) Squid (Starter - Japanese style), $3
vi) Hokkien Fried Rice, $11.80 * CREME DE LA CREME *
vii) Ice Lemon Honey, $3.80
viii) Red Bean ice shake, $4.80
ix) Raspberry Ribena, $4.80
x) Pineapple cooler, $6.20 (don't try ... its way too sweet!)
All in all, another good meal here, but not cheap at just under $70 for the 3 of us. But there was a LOT of food (and drinks ...).

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