Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New trendy shawarma joint - Shish Shawerma

Located: Near Corniche Towers, not far from Choithram in Corniche/Khalidiyah
Map: FourSquare

Oooh .. a trendy Shawarma joint? I am more familiar with the traditional Lebanese-style restaurants that sell this popular local snack, but was strangely-drawn to this new cafe when we were shopping at Choithram one weekend.

I like the packaging, I like the trendy feel of the cafe, I like the blarring music, and the shawarma was moist/juicy/had fresh warm bread ... but I didn't like the wait (It was only 10-15 mins actually), and the steps at the restaurant as well as the glass frontage which could lend itself to some child-safety risks!

Chicken or Beef ... take your pick ;-) 10 AED a pop, not cheap considering I pay only 5 to 6 AED at Shater Hassan and Lebanese Flower Grill.

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LoLy said...

WOW, I have to try this place, looks really nice..