Monday, March 12, 2012

Bandung - Indonesian food in Abu Dhabi

One evening over the weekend, we couldn't decide where to go ... then I remembered Dee's recommendation from her home-country :-) So we headed into Abu Dhabi town, and looked for ... Bandung.

Location: Tourist Club Area (TCA), Abu Dhabi
Review: TimeOut Abu Dhabi
Map: Google Maps
Tel: +971 2 645 2008 , +971 50 415 8495

A humble eatery in the heart of Abu Dhabi. However, what I didn't like was, whilst Bandung has a smoking and non-smoking area, and we sat at the non-smoking area, part way through our meal ... the gentlemen at the table near us lit up their kereteks / Gudang Garam / clove ciggies. Eeeeeep!

And no ... its not child friendly. They do not have high-chairs here.

Frankly, the food is only average, but that could be because we are partial to Bali-nese food, rather then traditional street Indonesian food. We had ... Nasi Goreng Ayam, 20 AED. It was served with a firey sambal concoction.

The Rendang was slightly tough, but the rendang sauce was rather good, 20 AED. Then there was the Can Kangkung, which had sliced mushrooms and pieces of beef, 15 AED.

And ... Sate Ayam, 16 AED. It was served with the traditional Indonesian-style satay/peanut-sauce with a drizzle of Kicap manis or sweet soya sauce. Pity the chicken was partly-burnt, sigh ... so much potential, but failed to deliver :-(

We also had two plates of white rice (Nasi putih), which was 5 AED each, and a bottle of Masafi spring-water, 3 AED. Overall, decent value, at 84 AED for the two of us, but the food ... just missed the mark. And the cigarette-smoke spoilt the meal!

Here's the Takeaway menu, they have a comprehensive list of items on it ... and to be honest, I would recommend taking away any day rather then eating in the actual cafe!

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