Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hanoi - My first taste of Vietnam in Abu Dhabi

Ramadan Kareem from Abu Dhabi!
This was my first visit to a Vietnamese eatery here ;-) I had a rather strong bodied Iced Vietnamese Coffee, 16 AED, to start.

Hanoi Cafe
Add: 98 Kingsland Road, Abu Dhabi
Tel: +971 2 626 1112
Near: Golden Fork, opposite Al Noor Hospital on Khalifa Street
Time Out Abu Dhabi recommends this place ... It is clean, extraordinarily cheap and extraordinarily good.

Shrimp and Mango salad ... refreshing, 35 AED. And the vege combination, along with some blanched tau-geh (ngar choy / beansprouts), and sweet red onions.

Did you know this about Pho :-)

MD chose the Seafood Rice Noodle, 32 AED ... whilst I had the signature Pho Thap Cam, which is basically hor fun with beef and beef balls (I chose not to have the brisket!), 28.50 AED. Good value for Abu Dhabi standards, and large portions too! Pity they used "dry" hor fun, not fresh ones ... sigh!

I will be back!


Cooking Gallery said...

In Germany they ALWAYS use dried rice noodles, there is only one Chinese restaurant I know which makes their own fresh rice noodles - a Godsent for somebody living so far away from delicious Asian goodies ;)!

Julian Si said...

True.... I am grateful for the noodles, but it could be improved upon!

Thanks for the comment from Germany, hi from Abu Dhabi!

kat said...

I remember the first time I discovered the drip coffee on my first year here. Tasted so much like our kopi back home, I almost cried in homesickness. I always take their Grilled Chicken+noodle (don't eat beef mah). Love the cold noodle with salad and tasty sauce.

Where's Kingsland Road?? Not Khalifa Street meh?

Anonymous said...

The noodle they have is freshly made as I was told by the staff.

Julian Si said...

Kat - Awwww ;-)

Hmm, I must try the other dishes there the chicken noodles sound good!

Fish said...

I love Pho. The famous vietnamese food, specially in Hanoi