Saturday, July 31, 2010

Carluccio's at Dubai Mall

There's always a strange fuzzy positive feeling when I drive into Dubai, especially when its usually from Abu Dhabi ... across the desert, into an oasis of imposing buildings, fantastic infrastructure and ... speed cameras (which actually work!).

Thanks to MD's recommendation, I went to Carluccio's at Dubai Mall one evening.
Tel: +971 4 434 1320
Opening hours: 8am - midnight (8am, really!? Better call ahead first, that's what it says on the website, but I don't believe it!)

My choice ... a simple spaghetti vongolle with clams. About RM$50, which I thought was good value, considering this was Dubai Mall :-) Taste-wise I thought it was good, but not spectacular. The clams were very fresh though, and the pasta was about the most perfect al-dente I have ever had!

The carnage at the end of my meal :-)

I washed down my pasta with Homemade Lemonade (20 AED - Rip off!), which I found to be rather blah! Pity they didn't serve any wine to accompany the pasta ;-)

The view driving out of Dubai Mall ... and out of Jebel Ali, on the outskirts of Dubai ... Till next time, adieu.


CUMI & CIKI said...

a simple spaghetti vongole with clams for RM$50 is cheap ar.. well yeah, i keep forgetting that u now live in cut throat city! LOL. miss ya and the wifey.. i hope u have more time the next time u get back!

S Lloyd said...

At least, there's some decent food in a mall even at late hours. I second your fascination for Dubai.

安琪琳@Angeline said...

De Pasta looks great, yummy....

Julian Si said...

C&ciki - Sure lar, cut throat big style here!

Angeline - It is really yummy! Hi Malaysia, from the UAE!

S Lloyd - Wow, how is Montreal? Nice blog! Free form Lasagna looks .. uh , interesting :-)

Cheers all!

LadderLife said...


This is far and away the best guide to the more interesting restaurants of Abu Dhabi that I've ever seen.

Thanks very much for a great resource!


Julian Si said...

No problem Simon , cheers and happy eating!