Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lebanese at Atayeb - Yas Hotel, Abu Dhabi

    Add: The Yas Hotel, Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Located: 25 km from Abu Dhabi city centre
  • Tel: +971 2 656 0760
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Mediterranean-Lebanese food is served at this rather posh restaurant, in Yas Hotel, next to the Yas Marina F1 circuit :-) This is ... Atayeb.

Starters were rather dissapointing, very blah ... Cost about 30 AED per dish.

My lamb mixed grill (130 AED or about RM 110) was a lot tastier, especially the lamb on a skewer, so tender! Its a LOT of lamb ... eat slowly :-)

You have a choice of sitting in air-conditioned comfort, or at the large verandah area facing the Formula One track!

More views from the verandah ... we chose to sit inside, as it was 37c by night here in the summer time, and VERY humid!

I like the view inside :-) the Yas Hotel!
Race Day is now 76 days away, and they were extensively renovating what is a brand new 1 year old hotel, even the Italian place, Amici was closed. Odd!

View from the pool-top terrace :-) This is the 8th floor.

Time to take my Canon G9 and myself home ... adieu Stanley Kubrick-ish Yas Hotel!
It seems the interior architecture was created by the team of -
jestico + whiles, london
richardson sadeki, new york
de8 architetti, bergamo, italy


Jubulicious said...

hehe saya sangat suka blog makanan kamu!!!!! But it sucks noow ur in AD!! :( No more KL posts for us T.T

Chinee said...

I can't wait to actually see this in person. Many people have recommended Yas Hotel to me. They told it's really one of a kind and it's really a futuristic architecture.