Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garmin 1410 : Finally, my first GPS!

Ahh ... Finally many MANY years later, I purchased my first GPS :-)

Garmin nuvi 1410
Purchased from: Carrefour, Abu Dhabi
Price paid: 995 AED (on sale!)
Verdict: How did I ever live without one!

All you need to start finding your way around the Middle East :-) comes in the box!
In-car cigarette-lighter charger (mini-USB on one side), as well as a really effective suction-pad holder which I fit on my car windscreen (Its rock solid!).

Key features ...
1) Preloaded with Middle East Map (GCC, Lebanon & Jordan)
2) Arabic & English Language
3) Bright 5” touch screen
4) 3D map view
5) Bluetooth hands free calling

Ahh... bliss ;-) Here's to many years of happy stress-free motoring!

1 comment:

kat said...

Unfortunately we find ours not so useful in Dubai due to constant road works and traffic diversions.

Worked like a dream in Msia and Oz though. :)