Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Real Crisps - Hand cooked from the UK

This is ... REAL! Handcooked Sea Salt Potato Crisps ;-)
Its from ... Newport, Gwent in the UK

I had brought this back from the UK over a month ago, and one night ... decided to have a snack. Some of the best chips / crisps I have EVER had! Perfectly salted, lightly fried, full of flavour. Magnificent!

Dooyoo.co.uk excerpt ....
The packing is quite quirky and each flavour has, interestingly enough, a picture of a real person on the front. Their image is what the flavour is supposed to taste like. For instance, the sea salt I am reviewing has an elderly fisherman/sailor on the front. He quite reminds me of Uncle Albert in Only Fools and Horses. This is where the reference to the sea (salt) comes from.
The packaging of the outer and the actual crisps packets are quite unusual as they are not a glossy, shiny finish, they are more subtle - they are not brash looking, more refined I would say, in a satin finish. The actual crisps packet is identical to the outer (pictured above) so you will know what to look for.
Real state on the packet that, and I quote 'When it comes to crisps, we don't mess about. Oh no. We pick out the best potatoes and hand cook them, so the goodness stays put. No nonsense.'

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Cooking Gallery said...

Love potato crisps, even though I try not to eat things like these at the moment ;)