Monday, January 25, 2010

We love the food at Reem Island, Abu Dhabi!

Ah... a lunch treat at Reem Island one weekend ;-)

GPS: 24°29'30.6"N 54°24'6.7"E
(Updated! June 2010 - Thanks to an anonymous Dubai reader!)

Woo Kok, 12 AED, the flakey yam pastry used to be better, hope it improves ... and Lor Mai Kai, 8 AED, I prefer KCL's Precious Pea recipe! Pssst... its halal :-)

Wan Tan Mee, 15 AED or RM$13 ... Good! Served with pickled green chillis, we like!

Ham Yue (Salted fish) Fried Rice, 19 AED or RM$17. Really good! We liked the home-made-tasting sambal belachan it was served with ... Plenty of wok-hey (fire!).

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