Monday, January 18, 2010

Prawn Mee ala KCL in Abu Dhabi!

One evening, as I was about to leave work ... I received a phone call from our Malaysian friend, KCL :-) "Want some Prawn mee?" I don't think I had even put the phone down, when I stepped on the gas and soon appeared at her home :-)
Drrrrrrrrrrooooooolicious ;-)
Thanks from bbG and me :-)


Precious Pea said...

Droolzz..i hope Hubby didn't throw away all the prawn shells that I have been saving for the past one year. Am gonna cook this when i get home..TOMORROW!

minchow said...

Looks like an equally prized contender to any of the ones we find here, from all the way there! Aren't you a fortunate friend! :-)

bayu said...

is that sour sweet sauce...?

looks like plenty chillis in it...