Friday, January 15, 2010

Lebanese Flower Grill - We will stick to the shawarmas next time!

Sunset over Abu Dhabi one Monday...

Farewell dinner for our dear visiting friends ... Lebanese Flower Grill off Muroor Road.
Have we gone nuts?

Starters were good ... Humus and Egg Plant thingy ...

This was excellent as always ... the world-beating Beef Shawarma

Wasn't so pleased with the slightly bland and greasy Lebanese Mixed Grill

And we were severely dissapointed with the very dry Grilled Chicken.

The complimentary Turkish coffee was unique though, very "grainy"! Deliberately unfiltered?
ps - Cost was a reasonable 120 AED or about RM$110, with complimentary tea or coffee, and that eggplant starter, but the main courses were really overshadowed by the excellence of the shawarmas!

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