Monday, November 16, 2009

Mr Porky, Shawarmas and Beer - Abu Dhabi is OK!

Mr Porky, straight from the UK to Spinneys along Khalidiyah. Very VERY porky, sort of like FRIED LARD or CHEE YAU CHAR. Eeeeek! Not nice!

Uh ... look closely, PIGGY HAIRS. Eeeeeeeeeep!

Essential Waitrose ... Bacon Rashers! Slurrrps!


Time to head to Le Meridien, along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi ... Bitburger (Germany) anyone?

Me and my mates at the bar that serves the best Fosters and VB in town!

Our friends really liked the Spicy Chicken Shawarma from Shater Hassan along Muroor / near Habib Bank, and the roast chicken wasn't bad too!


ciki said...

u and ur pork crusade.. so cute:P

Mita said...

Nice post esp yr description of hairy mr porky
Bacon lovers of the world may find this funny