Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Feher Szarvas Vadasztanya (White Stag Hunting Inn) - Eger, Hungary

A night out at Feher Szarvas Vadasztanya (White Stag Hunting Inn) in Eger, Hungary

Add: Eger, Klapka Street. 8, Hungary
Located: One hour from MatrafuredNext door to the Park Hotel at Klapka street. It is a few blocks south of Dobo Istvan ter, and is one of Eger's best-known and best-loved restaurants.
Tel: +36 411 129

Hmmm ... a goose menu!?

The hotel next door ...

What greeted us when we walked in!

Palinka, anyone? A gift from the restauranteur!

Venison Goulash ... nice!

The decor ... a vegan's nightmare!

Richard's duck ....

Hmmm ... a REALLY large deer!

Time for my mains ... delicious saddle of wild boar with almond-potato balls.

M chose the salmon , looked nice!

My favourite ... the royal ball :-) Boar with Crown on head!
A parting shot , pun intended ! Perhaps the best meal in Hungary since we have been here 3 weeks ago!

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