Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fiat Punto - Extremely spacious inside for a supermini!

What brought me to work each day for 2 weeks in Hungarian, before I got "my" Ford Focus?

Don't let that "carbon fibre" finish fool you ... this is a base 1.2 litre model, that didn't go very fast!

Hmm ... more faux carbon fibre!?

Nice sporty stitching ...

The key fob is so similar to a VW's ... compliment really!

I love the chic, simple, unadulterated styling ... really nice. This is the Fiat Punto.
ps - Best bit? The interior size! When R came to pick us up from Budapest airport, FOUR grown-men squeezed into the car, with four of our FULL SIZE SUITCASES, and hand-carry bags to match! That's not including the driver :-)

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