Thursday, April 03, 2008

YB Gwo Burne of Kelana Jaya speaks

Its been three weeks since the Elections ... Here are some excerpts from 2 recent interviews.
My previous write-ups on Gwo Burne

Newly elected Kelana Jaya MP Loh Gwo-Burne has been a busy man since winning the Parliamentary seat on March 8. He has had to travel in and out of the country to sort out his employment in Shanghai and also to prepare to “balik negara” (come home) to serve the people who voted him to Parliament.
“I will make Malaysia my base for work and spend about 95% of my time here serving my constituency. I still need a job to keep myself going. I won't be able to sustain myself just getting my allowance as an Opposition MP,” he said...

... Gwo-Burne, who admits to having a girlfriend living in Singapore (sorry for all the single girls out there), said he would juggle his resources to see if he could afford to have a house of his own in Subang Jaya or Kelana Jaya.
I was seriously thinking about just staying at my service centre to save money. We only have so much resources available. Some things we will do, some we will fight for you but there are some we can't handle at all,” he said.
Have you started Bahasa Malaysia lessons yet?
I think I’m starting tomorrow. I can understand Malay, I’m just not very good at it. I can go the stall and buy stuff, order food in a mamak. I can actually converse and understand basic Malay. But if you’re asking me to give speeches, that’s totally different.

AND ... here's an older article from (Dated 16th March 2008) ...
His father has no doubt about Gwo Burne’s capability.
I told my children that I could not groom them to be the smartest, but they could be honest and straightforward. On these grounds, he is qualified. He might not yet be a good politician, but he has the qualities to be a good leader,” says Loh Mui Fah (Gwo Burne's father).

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