Monday, April 07, 2008

William's @ Taman Mayang, PJ

30 Google searches? YES! I think this is currently the most blogged mamak joint ... wow. Can't believe it was only my FIRST visit here. Thanks to Andre for the treat :-)

On my second William's outing, we ordered just about everything!

Add: William's @ Jalan SS26/9, Taman Mayang Jaya, PJ
Directions: Near the old Limkokwing Institute. A roadside stall which is directly opposite a mini market with no signboard. Thanks to Masak-masak for the directions.
Opening hours: Around 6pm - wee hours of the morning.

OK ... first of, we each had a Ribena Longan. It was freaking huge! About 25 cm tall I reckon. RM$6. It is rather sweet, but plenty of longans for you to enjoy. Hmm, I think I prefer Murni's Ribena Ice Blend in SS2 (Which happens to be William's brother - Urban legend?).

Pasta Arrabiata with Beef - Delicious! Plenty of meat ... and a huge portion as well, I think its a trend here ... go large! The secret ingredient? Watch out for them little chilli padi bits!! Lucky we were there about 06:45pm before it got dark, so I could move them out of the way ... but the chilli still left a nice kick in the pasta! Fusion? This is what its all about!!

Lamb Saddle with minced Mushroom-Mint base, served with delicious Mashed Potatoes. Another huge portion which we shared ... Pretty good too! I really couldn't believe I was having such 'atas' western food on the road-side :-)

Spaghetti with Butter fried Lai Liu Har - This would have been better if I hadn't eaten all the above food, pure indulgence. Haha ... not bad at all.
Update! Andre, thanks bro ... Yes, it's actually Lai Liu Har or Mantis Shrimp (Though it literally translates to 'Pissing shrimp'), NOT soft shell crab ... Oops, it's now published in The Star, Sunday Metro, on 13th April 2008

Not cheap ... the above came up to RM$77. But it was yummy ... and it didn't rain, ha!

ps - Other dishes I noticed some famous floggers eating in their blogs include ...
Signature pandan leaf chicken (RM5)
Nasi Lemak (RM2.50)
Chicken Kiev (RM10)
Sotong Bang Bang ... aka stuffed sotong which is served together with Spicy Seafood Marinara (RM$25)
Soft Shell Crabs Fried Rice (RM15)
Meat Platter (RM15)
Triple-H Sandwich
Seafood risotto
White Sauce Spaghetti
Stir fried lo shu fan .. aka rat tail noodles.


Precious Pea said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment in my blog. :)

Yes, this place is really value for money. So big portion isn't it?

mimi said...

but too bad they don have menu, alway s donno what to order....

Anonymous said...

Hi! This is sangeetha Nair from The Star. We would like to feature your blog in our Sunday Metro column next week. Could u call me or email me pls? Need to ask u something. TQ

Sangeetha 012 4045219/

CUMI & CIKI said...

wow! gr8 blog. thx 4da tip! luks lk u gona be a star. forgive da pun. lol

vt said...

hey, Jules,

Congrats. A star in 'the Star'.



Anonymous said...

bad experience during FIRST visit. When asked for menu, the Restauranteur said "usually first timers would do their homework before the come here" arrogant. we were basically forced to order whatever he said (with no price)-NOT a GREAT experience after all. NO NO second visit.

Anonymous said...

Is it william halal for all the f&b.. Thanks

Julian Si said...

Its been years since I was last here, don't know if service has deteriorated :-(

As for its halal-credentials, I believe they are mamaks which should imply that they are HALAL. But safest to ask them first I guess ;-)