Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Kickapoo - The Joy Juice

Malaysians adore Kickapoo and the nostalgia of this drink ... I remember it fondly from my days at La Salle Klang in the mid 1980s. Glad that one can still find this soft drink at the shops!

Described by the company as a Citrus Flavoured Soda, here's a brief history.


teckiee said...

...hmm hard to find this in the market already

Anonymous said...

Kickapoo Joy Juice is nothing new to the world. It first surfaced as an alcoholic drink during D-Day and was reintroduced as a soft drink by the monarch company or others in the early through middle 1960's in the US. With the advent of Mountian Dew it soon faded from sight. I'd like to see it return to America again, it would be great.