Friday, December 26, 2008

Umai-ya Japanese, Damansara Uptown next to HSBC

Located: Between Starbucks and Izzi, next to HSBC Uptown, Damansara
Add: 49G, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Uptown
Tel: +603 7726 4410

Branch: G-3A, The Place, Jalan PJU 8/5D @ Bandar Damansara Perdana, PJ
Branch tel: +603 7729 0015

My first trip to this little and unassuming japanese, this is ... Umai-ya

L and A shared a Unagi boxset ... Slurp.

My choice ... omelette on rice, it was perfect after a "heavy" Xmas Eve night :-)
The dragon maki was rather good too.

I can never resist Miso Soup, espesh when it is RM$5!
In fact, I found all the ala cartes to be of good value.
Never easy to prepare ... Agadeshi Tofu, which was rather good!
ps. Once again, it was nice catching up with new friends, M and A. Cheers to L for intro'ing me :-)


Anonymous said... also know a lot lot lot of Japanese restaurant..
I am Japanese but you know more than me^^

Which Japanese restaurant is the Best in Malaysia???

Julian Si said...

Thanks for your nice comments. Here are my 3 favourites!

Kampachi @ Equatorial Hotel

Mizu @ TTDI Plaza

And .. "best value" Rakuzen @ Subang

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much**
I ll try Mizu next time**

ah...I really like German and Dutch(Holland restaurant)
is there nice one in Malaysia??
is eating and writing is your profession??

Julian Si said...

I haven't been to any Dutch restaurants in KL unfortunately ... did like the food at Amsterdam, Delph, Den Haag et al though in my days of travelling :-)

As for German, House of Frankfurt is a rather good choice..

Haha... this blog is simply for fun and for the love of food :-)

Anonymous said...

oh...I am sorry to ask so much...

haha ya DUtch food is really not famous but i really love it..^^
but german also simiral so I will ask my friends to try house of Frankfurt**

Have you been to NAGOMI at Jaya33*
there has tasty japanese steam boat^^it's really really tasty**

I like your web site so much**
But it's difficult to try everything~~haha.

Anyway thanks so much**

Julian Si said...

No worries Erika, glad you like my little website :-)

Hope you enjoy House of Frankfurt!

I shall have to try Nagomi at some point, thanks for the tip ... Have a good day, HAPPY NEW YEAR!