Sunday, June 10, 2012

Euro 2012 and Bice Italian - Hilton, Abu Dhabi

Location: Hilton at the Corniche, not far from Intercontinental and on the road opposite Marina Mall
Tel: +971 2 681 1900

Euro 2012 football fever has hit the Hilton on the Corniche :-)

Our birthday dinner at Hilton's Bice ... Possibly the best Italian in Abu Dhabi. A really good steak to start, 240 AED - Served with foie gras and truffle oil-infused mashed potatoes.

And to finish our meal, we had the delightful Chocolate Souffle, served with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Perfect!

Royal China - Tim Sum lunch at DIFC, Dubai

Location: DIFC, Building 4 - Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Tel: +971 4 354 5543
Number of persons: 9 adults, 4 children, 2 babies

Total bill: 1,274 AED
Bill with tax: 1,400 AED (RM$1,100 or RM$122 per adult)

Expensive, not the nicest of ambience (It was too warm!), and they lost our reservation (Not a good way to start a meal!!) ... service was average too. Overall, not the best of experiences, and the food was simply average as well, not up to its London HQ's standards!

Water (Aqua Panna), 25 AED

Peking duck (Whole), 260 AED

Duck two-way (Qty = 3, that's preparing a lettuce rub duck from the meat-bits of the duck, after the skin was served in pancakes ... OUCH!), 105 AED

 Prawn dumplings, 28 AED

Char siew pao (Barbecue chicken of course), 28 AED (That's RM$7.50 per pao!!!)

Dry scallop Cheong Fun with Yau char kuey "Char cheong", 30 AED

Pan fried chicken buns, 28 AED

Glutinous rice in Lotus leaf, 25 AED

Pan fried fish cake, 28 AED
Minced fish congee "chuk"/porridge, 20 AED

Baked barbecue chicken pastry, 30 AED

Chicken with cashew nuts, 55 AED

Steamed rice, 12 AED (RM$10!)Special fried rice - Lotus leaf Royal China-style, 60 AED

Sing chau chau-mai "Singapore fried vermicelli", 48 AED

Stir fried beef hor-fun with Black bean sauce, 48 AED

AND ...

Organic Pu-er Tea - 2007 vintage!! (Per pot, 30 AED), they charged us 1 pot per couple or 120 AED worth of tea ... That's RM$100 worth of tea for us 9 adults. YOUCH!