Saturday, May 25, 2013

Shin Ramyun Black Edition - With love from Seoul

We recently went to Lotte Mart in Seoul Station, Seoul - Korea ... and brought back a lot of food stuff. This is just one of the items :-)

Yes ... Shin Ramyun Black!

An exerpt from ... Shin Ramyun Black. There are three soup packets that are enclosed to enjoy with the noodles. The soup extra contains high quality, fresh and chunky beef and vegetable flakes including shiitake mushroom and green onion. The ‘sul-long-tang’ soup base is made up of garlic and bone marrow. The third soup mix has delicious hot and spicy spices. 

My verdict? Delicious ... but not so different from the "regular" Shin Ramyun, which is already delicious!

The French - McDonalds Tastes of The World

I had The Asian some months ago, followed by The Mexican ... and now it was time for McDonald's latest Tastes of The World here in Abu Dhabi.

Kinda looks ... blahh... cos' it was rather much so! Prosperity Burger it sure wasn't :-(

We also had the new "Deliciously sweet strawberry custard pie" ... It was ok, lar!

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Shake Shack at Delma Mall rocks!

Our favourite burger in Abu Dhabi .. It has to be Shake Shack, at Delma Mall :-)

My Double Shack Burger ... Perfect!