Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pork mee and Rojak, Subang

Simple breakfasts are always the best ... delicious Pork broth with kuay-teow, and Fruit Rojak.

Restoran 88, Kuchai Lama (KL)

Restoran 88 is tucked away in Jalan Kuchai Lama, off Old Klang Road ... not far from Restoran Talipon (Yes ... "Telephone Restaurant"!) ... We had quite the feast washed down with some Macallan that I had brought along:
  • Four seasons starter
  • Poh King pork ribs (Plum+Mayo sauce)
  • Cray fish in butter
  • Four-angled beans
  • Otak prawns
  • Fei-chau fish in signature teo-chew-style sauce (Very good!)
  • Spinach in reduced 'siong-tong'
  • Sweet and sour pork
  • Marmite crabs
  • Sweet and sour crabs
  • Man-tous (deep fried)

Bill came up to $390 for the nine of us ... Not bad considering we had WAY MORE THEN WE COULD EAT! But somehow the meal seemed a little flat ... compared to the first time I visited this place with Dave & Rhona.
HOWEVER, the service more then made up for the meal, really friendly staff ... And when we complained about the first batch of man-tous being burnt, he thanked us for our feedback, and promptly gave us a replacement. He even told us that he appreciated our feedback, and was grateful that we did not simply 'not tell him' ... wow, what one need not learn from Harvard Business School!

Soya Bean, Funny Mountain ... Ipoh

No visit to Ipoh would be complete without visiting Funny Mountain near Fuh San Timsum :-) Simply the smoothest Tau Foo Fah and creamiest Soya Bean!
Click here ...
Full review of this Institution!

On the way there, this view brought back much nostalgia ... the original location of my FAVOURITE curry noodles aka 'Chuen Foong' opposite the Balai Polis.

Roast Duck @ Sun Yeong Wai, Ipoh

Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck Restaurant
No. 17 & 19, Bwh. Jalan Sri Ampang,
Taman Ipoh Jaya, Perak.
Tel: +605 311 3600

Blurb ...
Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck restaurant's culinary specialties are barbequed and roast meat. Established in Ipoh 10 years ago, the Sun Yeong Wai or Yeong Wai brand name is synonymous with roast ducks. Roast ducks aficionados have a choice of roast ducks prepared with herbs, pei pah style or Sun Yeong Wai's original recipe.

Besides Sun Yeong Wai's crispy-skin and succulent roast ducks, the restaurant also serves a variety of dishes including roast pork (siew yok), barbequed pork (char siew), roast chicken, stirred fried vegetable dishes and soups. Roast and barbequed pork connoisseurs will testify that Sun Yeong Wai's siew yok and char siew are among the best in Ipoh city.
Owner of Sun Yeong Wai : Danny Shoo

A brief history of time ...
In 1976, Danny's father started his roast duck business with a self-designed oven in front of his restaurant in Jalan Yau Tet Shin. His business propered and soon 2 more outlets opened in Jalan Lau Ek Ching and Jalan Yang Kalsom. 
Although aged 67, Danny's father, the patriarch of Sun Yeong Wai restaurants continues to improve his techniques for roasting ducks. 
Between 1980 and 1990, Danny's father traveled to Hong Kong annually to enhance his culinary skills in the preparation of roast ducks and seek ways to improve his business. By the 1990's business gradually passed from father to son.
Danny, who runs the family business today, started helping at the restaurant at the tender age of ten. He started with a roast duck rice stall in Gunung Rapat and within 5 years opened his first Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck Restaurant. 
Danny is the current owner of the Sun Yeong Wai Roasted Duck Restaurant in Gunung Rapat. With good business sense and vast experience behind him, Danny intends to impart this knowledge to other youths through his membership with the Perak Youth Entrepreneurs' Association.

Julian says ...
Thanks for the treat, Aunty Yvonne and Uncle :-)
I have to say, possibly the BEST DUCK in Malaysia, lean but tasty, juicy but crispy. Great stuff! Only London's Royal China in Bayswater comes close ...

Cameron Highlands v KL - Temperature!

Cameron Highlands - Flowers & Fresh Produce

Plenty of good value fresh produce in Cameron Highlands, stopped at a couple of markets along the main road leading to Ipoh / Simpang Pulai ...

Interesting pitcher plant ... and lots of cacti in Camerons! Wonder why?

Sunday Mass at Cameron Highlands, the pianist was from CHR!

Funny sign ... what it actually means is 'Yin-yang' steamboat aka Tom-yam soup on one side, and Clear broth on the other. Haha :-)