Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year - Set meals at Reem Island Cafe

Hans Restaurant -
Add: Ground floor, Tamouh Project office, Block B - Al Reem Island
Tel: +971 2 650 1996
Tel: +971 56 698 5498

We had our New Year's eve dinner at Reem Island tonight - And it was good, both in taste, as well as the portion-sizes and the price :-) We paid 108 AED for our meal of 5 dishes and 12 AED for the largest pot of Pui-Er tea ... A perfect end to 2012.


Special offer - This menu is available until the end of January 2013 ...
Choose from a set meal for 3 persons, at 68 AED (3 dishes), or
5 person set meal of 5 dishes (See below) at 108 AED (RM$ 90 - Cheap cheap!).

Fish item - We had the Fish fillet with Ginger and onion, or you can have 4 other items from the menu.

Poultry item - We had the delicious and juicy Belacan chicken, and there are 4 other choices to choose from as well.

Vegetable - We had Hans' famous Kangkung Belacan, or you could have bean sprouts / cauliflower / lettuce / pak choy as well (In each of the 5 groups, you can select from 5 items on the menu).

Bean curd and Egg - We really enjoyed the bean curd with seafood and meat, but you could also have other bean curd dishes or omelettes too!

Finally ... Prawn - We had the sauteed shrimps with cashew nuts, but there are 4 other choices as well ;-)

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas from Dubai!

Mum and dad were visiting us from Malaysia ... so we took them to Dubai for the weekend :-)

We had a nice brunch at Dubai Mall's Social House - It was decorated very nicely in a yuletide fashion, and there was even a christmas menu :-)

We then took some free snappies outside Dubai Aquarium which is the flagship of Dubai Mall :-) Wonder if the Eagle Ray (Or mini Manta?) and sharks knew it was Christmas week!

We then went to Mall of Emirates - An interesting chair exhibition, contributed by local artists :-)

Tiffany and Co occupied the centre atrium with what I thought was a bit un-Tiffany like, with a "stall" ... Heh heh! Anyway, the tree was pretty and best of all was the Tiffany wreath!

 Tiffany blue :-)
More christmas festivities at MOE - Mall of Emirates ;-) Not the Ministry of Education!

Ski Dubai ... where it snows all year round :-)

Anyway .... Merry Christmas and lots of love and blessings from Abu Dhabi to those near and far. See you all in 2013!

Sunday, December 09, 2012

La Beaujolais - Mercure Hotel, Abu Dhabi

We found a gem of an eatery in Abu Dhabi - Here is a quick review of our visit to Le Beaujolais, which has quickly become one of our FAVOURITE places to eat in the UAE!
Located: City Centre Hotel Mercure - Al Markaziyah, Hamdan Street
Opening hours: 12:00pm - 12:00am
Tel: +971 2 6333 555
Some of our starters, all of which were delightfully french and yummy ...
Escargots à la bourguignon (or snails in garlic and herb sauce) was served steaming hot and bursting in flavour, I wanted to lick the sauce off the cute serving dish! It was served with a hot, crusty baguette which we asked for re-fills ;-)
Baked Onion soup, 28 AED - Pretty good too!

One of the signature dishes ... Coq Au Vin, I loved it! At 78 AED, and this being a French brassierie, it really was a steal :-) The duck leg, at 95 AED, was really good too. I didn't try TS's 350g rib-eye steak (102 AED), but he seemed to enjoy it!
And to end off, another great value dish - Tiramisu, 28 AED. A large portion, and full of flavour, we loved it!

Overall - Delicious food, unpretentious and attentive service, a homely environment, and need I say it again - Great value :-) A wonderful restaurant that deserves to be visited again and again!

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Nespresso limited edition - Crealto

We like our Nespresso Latissima machine, and always get excited when Nestle decides to launch a new "blend" ... Here's our experience with Crealto.
Purchased from: Abu Dhabi Mall
Located: Level 1 - Near the escalator.
Our verdict .. We like it! Strong, with an intensity of 8 (of 10), with a distinct long-lasting cocoa-afternot. It is recommended to work better as an expresso - We take it as a Cappucino, and its just as good :-)
Nespresso describes the creation of this limited (Autumn 2012) blend ...
MAURO COLAGRECO - Michelin‐starred Chef
“My encounter with Nespresso allowed me to experience the various parallels between the world of gastronomy and coffee, such as the importance of the quality of ingredients, the techniques, the passion and precision you apply and the creative routes you explore in the search of new tasting experiences. It was fascinating to discover how the long and slow roasting technique that I use in my cooking could be applied to the creation of Crealto”.

Sunday, December 02, 2012

UAE Day 2012 - Plane acrobatics over the Corniche

Happy 41st UAE Day ... Photos shot from across the Corniche, here in Abu Dhabi on 2nd December 2012.