Friday, April 20, 2012

50 Cent is RM$1.50 - The Star, Malaysia

Look what I saw in Malaysia's The Star today :-)

Star's editor admitted to the mistake - “Yup, saw the RM1.50 error. Malu. We’re going to force the sub-editor, who is abt 58 years old, I think, to listen to rap music!”
Comment source: The Malaysian Insider

The Star, Malaysia

Monday, April 16, 2012

Han Kang - Korean restaurant at the Golf Driving Range

Located: Abu Dhabi City Golf Club
Previous visit: We seem to come here a lot these days!
Update: Its rumoured that the original outlet at Eclipse Suites has now closed, and Han Kang has actually moved here to Abu Dhabi City Golf Club. Business seems very good in its new location though ;-)

Various banchan to start ...

There's a whole lot of different Korean dishes in Wikipedia ... but what caught my attention was the Bean Sprouts Hangover soup! Heh heh ...

Food here is good, a little bit expensive (Probably cos its beside the golf driving range or academy, of Abu Dhabi City Golf Club), and portions are not the largest ... but we like it here! Galbi or BBQ pork time ;-) Yes .. they do serve pork here in Abu Dhabi.

We had BBQ beef rib eye instead of Kimchi pancake or Kimchi dumpling and ribs soup, this evening ... And the damage (Together with 4 bowls of rice for the 3 of us, as well as 2 Asahi's and 2 cokes) came up to 110 AED per head (3 persons).

Friday, April 13, 2012

Range Rover Evoque - Abu Dhabi to Dubai highway

First seen at the Abu Dhabi International Motorshow 2010 in 15 months ago ... Its even better looking in the flesh!

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque ... Dhs 235,000 - 255,000 (Roughly, 190K - 200K RM here in the UAE), from
A Ford-derived 4-cylinder engine (turbocharged and mated to a 6-speed automatic with tiptronic functionality via paddle-shifters - Pumps out 240 BHP) powers this vehicle to 100 km/h in 7.6 seconds, with a top speed of 217 km/h. Hardly impressive, but I guess its more about the style!!

Banana Cake from bbG Kitchen

Second project on our Kenwood Major Titanium KM-020 ... Banana cake!

Thanks to Masak-masak for the wonderful recipe, which bbG executed with flair :-) Moist, full of flavour and has a wonderful bite-texture. Delicious!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Xiao Wei Yang - Mongolian Hotpot, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 50 151 7228 , +971 5 460 6578 , +971 50 179 5598
Located: Near AL Wahda Mall, next to Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments
Previous review and directions: We like this restaurant a lot! Good service, delicious food :-)

Excellent ... Chicken wings, and mongolian-stir fried spicy chicken on the bone. And this is only for starters!!

bbG and I had both fatty lamb slices, as well as leaner beef slices ...

We chose the Yin Yang hot-pot combo ... herbal garlic-infused and perhaps ginseng-blended white broth on one side, and a spicy mongolian-paste sauce on the other side. Both are excellent!

Excellent ... possibly the best egg tarts in Abu Dhabi!
Warning! Be ready for a 25 minute wait from time of ordering for these beautieus ...

Wong Lo Kat - How convenient ;-) to have refreshing leong-char in a can!

ps. We had a giggle looking at the co-ho-nes spotted on the menu (Thanks to TS for teaching us about the pronunciation of this part of the anatomy!) ...

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Xiao Wei Yang Mongolian hotpot - Phoenix Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Inner Mongolian Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant (What a mouth-full!) was our choice of dinner location last night ;-) E, C and myself ended up paying about 200 AED for the meal, or just under 70 AED (Or RM$55) per head. Reasonable value for a nice restaurant.

Tel: +971 50 151 7228 , +971 5 460 6578 , +971 50 179 5598
Located: Near AL Wahda Mall, next to Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments
Directions: Airport Road (From Maqta Bridge, on right side / look out for Phoenix Hotel and the big red lanterns outside)
Map: FourSquare

E is busy contemplating if we should have "specialist" or "spare parts" ie. genitals, kidney etc. Uh ... no, we shall stick to thinly sliced lamb and to-fu!

Ah... refreshing. My first taste of Wong Lo Kat! Thanks C for recommending this place, great meal!

Here's how we enjoyed the meal - We had really delicious grilled chicken wings (the one with the perpendicular bamboo skewers), then the Yin-yang Hot Pot arrived. The white broth was a herbal-soup with garlic and tong-kuai, and on the right there was fu-chuk, bamboo shoots and delicious boned chicken pieces.

When you have nearly finished eating the chicken pieces, you can ask the waiter to add in the spicy-paste and soup, which combines to form a powerful tasty spicy soup. You can of course dilute this with the white soup :-) Dip your choice of meats and veges in the soup (The thinly sliced lamb is delicious!), it cooks quite quickly in under 1 minute and dip it into a combination of soya/chilli/garlic/coriander/oil/oyster-sauce/sesame paste. A hearty and enjoyable meal!

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Dome Cafe - Ibn Battuta, Dubai

On our first visit to Ibn Battuta mall, just down the road from Jebel Ali in Dubai. Funny ... I always remembered the coffee to be more memorable, the iced cappucino I had was simply mediocre. But ... the Garlic chicken with Rice was diabolically bad. Dry, tasteless, worse then airline food!

Redeeming dishes ... Don't know what RF's dish on the left was, but my Thai Green Curry was better. Not perfect, but better! Worse of all ... meal wasn't cheap too. 160 AED for the 3 of us, sorry for the crap meal RF!

Ibn Battuta Mall - Our first visit, Dubai

Located: Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, close to Interchange 6 for Jebel Ali Village. Builder/Owner: Nakheel Properties group, 2005
GPS (Wikipedia): 25°02′40″N , 55°07′14″E

The mall is named after Berber Moroccan famous traveller and explorer Ibn Battuta. It is split into six main courts - China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia.

Another galleon ... what big displays!

Ibn Battuta Mall boasts the only IMAX theatre in the country and also offers a 21-screen Cinema Megaplex, located in the China Court.

Prima Taste Singapore - Home cooked Curry Laksa

Prima Taste - All in box contains the secret to yummy Curry Laksa!

Purchase: Online, USA
Or if you are in Singapore ... Purchase at these outlets.
There's even a great Online store here.

The only other ingredients you need - Some mee-hoon or spaghetti, fresh prawns in shell, and some lime. Delicious! Yes, it even comes with a fantastic sachet of authentic sambal!

Did you know ...
Prima Taste has a permanent outlet selling cooked food, which I presume come from their instant-packs, at Changi Airport Terminal 3? They can be reached at +65 6242 8508.

Malaysia Formula One - The National, UAE

Caterham flies the Malaysian national flag ;-) Here's a feature from The National here in the UAE. This was featured on the weekend of the Petronas Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix, held at Sepang each year.

Wikipedia ... Tony Fernandes is the team principal of the Caterham F1 Formula One team, which began racing in 2010 as Lotus Racing and raced in 2011 as Team Lotus.
On 16 December 2009, Fernandes accepted a "challenge" from Richard Branson, a fellow airline boss and the owner of Lotus' fellow F1 newcomers Virgin Racing, where the losing team's boss should work on the winner's airline for a day dressed as a stewardess joking "The sexier the better. Our passengers will be delighted to be served by a Knight of the Realm, but knowing Richard, the real challenge will be to prevent him from asking our guests 'coffee, tea or me?' That would be scary." On top of this, the team also produced a poster depicting Branson in an Air Asia uniform

China Friends - New chinese restaurant, Abu Dhabi

Heh heh ... the name of this restaurant, China Friends, always makes me smile.

Tel: +971 2 628 9586
Located: Hamdan Street, Abu Dhabi

The prices here are generally reasonable, and portions are large ... BUT, the jasmine tea (served in a large see-thru pot) is very expensive. 30 AED, or RM$25. OUCH! We shall stick to Mawafi local-bottled water next time!

Our favourite dish here by a mile ... The sweet and sour chicken, 38 AED. Strong in flavour, and perfectly coated with a delicious sauce. Excellent! Rice is now 5 AED a bowl, didn't I remember that it used to be 3 AED?

Tofu with fish-slices, 48 AED ... Pretty good. And, we also had the acceptable Stir fried chinese leaf in Oyster sauce with garlic - 18 AED.

ps - There's good quality high chairs at this restaurant, but you will need to walk up a pretty long flight of stairs from the ground-floor entrance. Thus, it doesn't get my "baby" or child-friendly label!

Han Kang Korean - Abu Dhabi Golf and Country Club

Located: Abu Dhabi City Golf Club
Tel for Golf club: +971 2 445 9600
Map: ADcityGolf website
Other outlet: Eclipse Boutique Suites - Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi
Tel for other outlet: +971 2 626 8800

Banchan or Korean side dishes ... In all, there were about 5 varities served to us, I loved the potatoes and the "pulled" beef.

Heh heh ... Japan's finest Asahi in a Korean joint!? 20 AED per bottle only, that's great value at RM$16.

Beer ... then BBQ pork, YES PORK, what a treat. We ordered 2 portions of BBQ pork to share amongst the 4 of us, it was quite fatty but I enjoyed it. So did MA! Very yummy with the bean paste and lettuce / rice.

Bibimbap ... but where's the meat :-(

The Korean fried rice was really good, as was the Kimchi pancake - Could taste the good quality ingredients which were used. D and bbG enjoyed the meal too :-)

Excellent BBQ steak :-)

On child-friendliness, it doesn't quite get the nod from me, as they only had 1 high-chair available. The fried rice is very child-friendly though, low-salt and not spicy. Delicious!

The verdict
Overall ... food was good, and who could complaint about the combination of hitting golf balls + private dining + good service + pork + beer!? But pity ... it was expensive. The above meal cost us 500 AED, or 125 AED per head.