Friday, December 12, 2008

Thai Air TG 417, Bangkok - Kuala Lumpur

Flight: Thai Air TG 417
Route: KL's KLIA - Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport
Time: 4:40pm - 7:45pm (Delayed landing, 20 mins)
The positive ... Thai Air phoned to ask me to go to the airport at least 3 hours before my actual flight, which was due to depart at 7:15pm. The limo driver got me there so quickly, that Thai actually bumped me up to the earlier flight time, so I was on my way home!
The negative ... Plane had to go on a holding pattern above Sepang, as there were no landing slots available, and we finally touched down 20 minutes late, just past 8pm.

Three weeks later, I was finally on my way home!

Hmmm, the bread roll was served in my coffee cup, there was no other space on the little tray! And the handle of the plastic coffee cup was in my potato salad... uhhh.

Simple but rather delicious meal ... I like the food served on Thai! Chicken in soya sauce, with fragrant rice.

Flying coach, I always ask for the Emergency Exit Aisle seat ... ah, all the leg room in the world :-)

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