Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Xiao Wei Yang Mongolian hotpot - Phoenix Hotel, Abu Dhabi

Inner Mongolian Xiao Wei Yang Little Lamb Hot Pot Restaurant (What a mouth-full!) was our choice of dinner location last night ;-) E, C and myself ended up paying about 200 AED for the meal, or just under 70 AED (Or RM$55) per head. Reasonable value for a nice restaurant.

Tel: +971 50 151 7228 , +971 5 460 6578 , +971 50 179 5598
Located: Near AL Wahda Mall, next to Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments
Directions: Airport Road (From Maqta Bridge, on right side / look out for Phoenix Hotel and the big red lanterns outside)
Map: FourSquare

E is busy contemplating if we should have "specialist" or "spare parts" ie. genitals, kidney etc. Uh ... no, we shall stick to thinly sliced lamb and to-fu!

Ah... refreshing. My first taste of Wong Lo Kat! Thanks C for recommending this place, great meal!

Here's how we enjoyed the meal - We had really delicious grilled chicken wings (the one with the perpendicular bamboo skewers), then the Yin-yang Hot Pot arrived. The white broth was a herbal-soup with garlic and tong-kuai, and on the right there was fu-chuk, bamboo shoots and delicious boned chicken pieces.

When you have nearly finished eating the chicken pieces, you can ask the waiter to add in the spicy-paste and soup, which combines to form a powerful tasty spicy soup. You can of course dilute this with the white soup :-) Dip your choice of meats and veges in the soup (The thinly sliced lamb is delicious!), it cooks quite quickly in under 1 minute and dip it into a combination of soya/chilli/garlic/coriander/oil/oyster-sauce/sesame paste. A hearty and enjoyable meal!

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