Sunday, April 01, 2012

Han Kang Korean - Abu Dhabi Golf and Country Club

Located: Abu Dhabi City Golf Club
Tel for Golf club: +971 2 445 9600
Map: ADcityGolf website
Other outlet: Eclipse Boutique Suites - Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi
Tel for other outlet: +971 2 626 8800

Banchan or Korean side dishes ... In all, there were about 5 varities served to us, I loved the potatoes and the "pulled" beef.

Heh heh ... Japan's finest Asahi in a Korean joint!? 20 AED per bottle only, that's great value at RM$16.

Beer ... then BBQ pork, YES PORK, what a treat. We ordered 2 portions of BBQ pork to share amongst the 4 of us, it was quite fatty but I enjoyed it. So did MA! Very yummy with the bean paste and lettuce / rice.

Bibimbap ... but where's the meat :-(

The Korean fried rice was really good, as was the Kimchi pancake - Could taste the good quality ingredients which were used. D and bbG enjoyed the meal too :-)

Excellent BBQ steak :-)

On child-friendliness, it doesn't quite get the nod from me, as they only had 1 high-chair available. The fried rice is very child-friendly though, low-salt and not spicy. Delicious!

The verdict
Overall ... food was good, and who could complaint about the combination of hitting golf balls + private dining + good service + pork + beer!? But pity ... it was expensive. The above meal cost us 500 AED, or 125 AED per head.

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