Monday, April 16, 2012

Han Kang - Korean restaurant at the Golf Driving Range

Located: Abu Dhabi City Golf Club
Previous visit: We seem to come here a lot these days!
Update: Its rumoured that the original outlet at Eclipse Suites has now closed, and Han Kang has actually moved here to Abu Dhabi City Golf Club. Business seems very good in its new location though ;-)

Various banchan to start ...

There's a whole lot of different Korean dishes in Wikipedia ... but what caught my attention was the Bean Sprouts Hangover soup! Heh heh ...

Food here is good, a little bit expensive (Probably cos its beside the golf driving range or academy, of Abu Dhabi City Golf Club), and portions are not the largest ... but we like it here! Galbi or BBQ pork time ;-) Yes .. they do serve pork here in Abu Dhabi.

We had BBQ beef rib eye instead of Kimchi pancake or Kimchi dumpling and ribs soup, this evening ... And the damage (Together with 4 bowls of rice for the 3 of us, as well as 2 Asahi's and 2 cokes) came up to 110 AED per head (3 persons).


CUMI & CIKI said...

wah!! korean on the golf course.. nice!! im jealous!

Joleng Mah said...

Hey Julian,
I really enjoy reading ur blog,
is there anyway to get in touch with you?
I was wondering if you're interested in doing a review for our restaurant-FLAM'S @ Changkat.
Or you can consider this as a suggestion if you dont do invited review :)