Monday, April 09, 2012

Xiao Wei Yang - Mongolian Hotpot, Abu Dhabi

Tel: +971 50 151 7228 , +971 5 460 6578 , +971 50 179 5598
Located: Near AL Wahda Mall, next to Phoenix Plaza Hotel Apartments
Previous review and directions: We like this restaurant a lot! Good service, delicious food :-)

Excellent ... Chicken wings, and mongolian-stir fried spicy chicken on the bone. And this is only for starters!!

bbG and I had both fatty lamb slices, as well as leaner beef slices ...

We chose the Yin Yang hot-pot combo ... herbal garlic-infused and perhaps ginseng-blended white broth on one side, and a spicy mongolian-paste sauce on the other side. Both are excellent!

Excellent ... possibly the best egg tarts in Abu Dhabi!
Warning! Be ready for a 25 minute wait from time of ordering for these beautieus ...

Wong Lo Kat - How convenient ;-) to have refreshing leong-char in a can!

ps. We had a giggle looking at the co-ho-nes spotted on the menu (Thanks to TS for teaching us about the pronunciation of this part of the anatomy!) ...

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