Thursday, August 04, 2011

Nasi Lemak - Meena Cafe, Abu Dhabi

Located: Port Zayed area, next to the Iranian souk.
N24 31' 03.6"
E054 22' 25.5"
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Daily specials: Monday - Nasi Lemak, Tuesday - Chicken Rice :-)

I had to rub my eyes in disbelief ... Nasi Lemak. Yes, nasi lemak here in Abu Dhabi :-) Bliss! We are so grateful for the Zelan team bringing their cafe with them to the desert!

Good sambal, nice fried chicken, real coconut rice ... Crispy kacang and ikan bilis. This is Malaysia's national dish :-)


minchow said...

Looks just as good as Village Park's! Hooray for nasi lemak in the desert!

アンゼエリン said...

It has been a while I never hop over your blog...But this post attracted to me: NASI LEMAK! my all time fav. I have to admit that I'm trul Msian...

Julian u have a nice day.


email2me said...

Do Meena ( officiate this restaurant? lol

Julian Si said...

Hello hello :-) Thanks for the nice feedback everyone. Sorry been out of action for some weeks / oops .. month!

1) Village Park? Hmm ... cannot compare lar. But we can't be too choosey. Very grateful for this NL!

2) Its been a while since I blogged too! Enjoy enjoy!!

3) Meena ... Haha, she has been here with Miss KCL I think!!!

CUMI & CIKI said...

Named after Meena must be delish la;)

Julian Si said...

Meena always delicious :-)

Anonymous said...

hi, can you give me exact directions on how to get to this cafe? seeing the photos make me very hungry!!! thanks,

Julian Si said...

(1) GPS:
N24 31' 03.6"
E054 22' 25.5"
The GPS coordinates should lead you to a sandy car-park area, next to the Iran-souk where they sell ceramic pots.

(2) Located:
Its actually located very close to the Irani souk / market which sells flowers and pots. And, not far from the Co-op at Port Zayed.
Meena Cafe is actually INSIDE the construction site beside the carpark, you have to walk in through the Zelan Sdn Bhd security entrance, go along the pathway to the left and its a little canteen there!

(3) Review:

saiful azhar said...

dear jules

my name is saiful.
i check out your blog and i find a lot of great info.i live in uae for almost 3 years already.

and i find it really rare to find a really authentic malaysian food around uae.(i tried the reem cafe and the noodle bowl before.some dish is good and some is just ok)

so my question is,what is actually missing about malaysian food here?is it the authenticity or if they want to bring more malaysian/other expart to try the food,is there anything they should focus on?

Julian Si said...

Hi Saiful, nice to hear from you and thanks for the feedback.

I guess it is not easy to find or import certain ingredients, and perhaps the skill is lacking .. or simply the passion. Who knows ;-)

Food here in general isn't so bad - Besides Malaysian, there's good Korean, Japanese, Italian and a couple of good steak houses too. The local Lebanese and Saudi food scene is pretty lively too, and not to forget the Indian food here in Abu Dhabi.

Guess we will have to wait till our annual or bi-annual trips home to enjoy more "real" Malaysian food!!