Thursday, August 04, 2011

US and Japanese cars and SUVs - Abu Dhabi

One thing I love about the UAE is the vast range of cars and SUVs ... Japanese, German, American, Swedish (the odd Saab or two), and more! Why are there so many different types of cars here? Take your pick ...
1) Cheap gas (40 US cents per litre)
2) No taxes (Cheap cars!!)
3) Great roads
4) Car-fanatical culture!

Subaru Legacy ... the 5th generation none-the-less! 20K - 35K USD.

American nostalgia? Go for a Jeep Cherokee. 30K USD for a 3.7 litre, V6 model.

The little seen Ford Taurus, which is a re-designed Ford Five Hundred. Only comes in 3.5L V6 guise, and prices range from 23K USD to a not-cheap top-spec 38K USD.

And my favourite of them all ... Japan's finest, the Nissan GT-R. 100-115K USD here, that's pocket change :-) There will soon even be a VVIP version (Huh ... In Japan its called the "Egoist". Seriously!), costing more ... how much more? I have no idea, but it seems its available to order here!

ps - Seems in the US, according to my favourite American car mag, Road and Track, the Egoist costs 50K USD more then the stock GT-R (Gulp!) or 10K USD less then the incredible Spec-V!

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