Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Our best meal in Wuzhen - Lamb noodles

We were blown away with how picturesque Wuzhen was ... especially as the sun set :-)

But we were hungry ... thus had to make our first stop, a lamb noodle place recommended in the guide book we found at Tong-An Hotel.

Wuzhen lamb noodles - Springy noodles, incredible broth, tender chunks of lamb, hot and steamy on a cool spring evening ... Ah, this is truly magical! Price? 25 RMB (14 AED = RM$12).

So good, it deserved a picture of its own ... the Wuzhen chilli bean paste, spicy, full of flavour, and perfect!


Rojakgal said...


Looks delicious. How do I find this lamb noodle in Wuzhen?


Julian Si said...

Ooooh, sorry ... I really can't remember. We sort of stumbled on to this little eatery. Perhaps the photos of the stall would be of some help ;-)

Enjoy your trip!!