Sunday, July 03, 2011

IKEA's Singoalla - Yummy Cookies

One of our favourite things in IKEA ...

If you look this up in Wikipedia, you will find ...

Singoalla, the Swedish title for the novel The Wind Is My Lover, by Swedish author Viktor Rydberg
Singoalla, by Gunnar de Frumerie, 1940, opera based on the novel.
Singoalla, a 1949 film based on the novel
Singoalla ... a music album by Joakim Thåström and Hell

OR ... Singoalla, a Swedish brand of shortbread biscuit with raspberry, citrus, licorice or blueberry filling and cream with vanilla flavour. Pity the IKEA here only carries the raspberry, or so I think! Gotta go back and check :-) Seems the citrus one is yummy, thanks NWJ!

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