Monday, June 13, 2011

Wasabi - Japanese restaurant that serves pork in Abu Dhabi

Located: Al Diar Mina Hotel, Al Markaziyah, Abu Dhabi
Landmark: 2 buildings away from the Porsche Showroom
Tel: +971 2 677 8415
Opening hours: 12-3pm, 6:30-11:30pm

Is it worth fighting the traffic to be here at Wasabi? Is it worth getting horribly lost in the maze of road-works that is the TCA/Hamdan area? Hmmm ... it depends! I'd personally go to Toki at Hilton on the Corniche next time, as it is the sister-restaurant of Wasabi.

Lets start with some Asahi "Super Dry" ... slurp! 24 AED.

Here is our Agadeshi To-fu, 32 AED. Expensive, but pretty good espesh by Abu Dhabi standards. We still miss the one back home in Malaysia - Good in Shun (Subang), and excellent in Rakuzen (Also, Subang)! The Mixed Tempura was excellent, 38 AED.

Expensive ... All About Rolls, sushi-selection. This cost 96 AED.

We were here to enjoy another night of the week-long birthday celebration of bbG, and JT chose the Wasabi Bento, 160 AED, for us - Three tiers of bento goodness! Overall good, but what stole the show was the amazing BLACK COD.

This is what the Bento consisted of ....

Yes... there was sashimi in the Bento too!

There are rather few places which serve PORK in Abu Dhabi .. this is one of them. Here is the pork-section of the menu :-)

ps - Sorry we were so late due to the mad traffic, and terrible diversions, JT ... Not surprised you had a plate of Edamame before we arrived, 24 AED.

pps - Overall ... the damage was 450 AED for the 3 of us. Not cheap, but good. Authentic Japanese in a town of fusion food! But I would still recommend Toki at the Hilton .. next time!

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