Sunday, June 19, 2011

Finz - Finest seafood, Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi

Finz has long been one of these restaurants that I had to go to, but didn't want to go to ... Why? I am not a big fan of seafood!

Hotel: Beach Rotana
Add: Tourist Club Area, P.O.Box 45200, Abu Dhabi.
Tel: +9712 697 9000

After enjoying X-Men: First Class at Abu Dhabi Mall, we had a lovely lunch at Finz over the weekend ... bbbbG loved the bread-basket too, check out the "star-fish" sundried tomato roll!

Cataplana with Saffron and Fennel broth, 220 AED (RM$180) - Portugese copper pot style cooking, served with garlic bread, and another salad. We finished most of the lightly flavoured broth, and quite enjoyed the mussels, prawns, fish and other seafood!

We shared the Finz Platter, 220 AED (RM$180), which was a platter of tuna steak, plump grilled prawn, large scallop, and some other fish and cuttlefish too. It even came with a nice side salad, which was perfectly dressed. Surprisingly... I enjoyed this, strange with me being a carnivore and all!

We also shared a large bottle of San Pellegrino, 32 AED, and with the Entertainer voucher, our bill for the two of us came up to 292 AED or RM$230 for a lovely lunch.

Abu Dhabi Exchange and Sowwah Island under construction opposite the Beach Rotana waterfront.

You can dine al fresco (Perhaps in the months of October - February!), or enjoy the air-conditioned ambience inside. Yes, Finz probably has the reputation of being very expensive and uppity, but we found the atmosphere to be relaxed and ambience to be beautiful. Perhaps it helped that we used our Entertainer voucher here too, which meant one of our mains was ... FREE!

Finz ... Didn't expect to enjoy the food genre, but I was pleasantly surprised and will be back!


CUMI & CIKI said...

wow..what a swanky place.. i like it already!

Camemberu said...

Wow, so cute the starfish sundried tomato rolls! I'm so gonna try making that! :D

Oh look...the word verification for today is "carbos"! How appropriate! lol