Saturday, June 04, 2011

Best steak in town - Wagyu at Rodeo Grill, Beach Rotana

Located: Beach Rotana Hotel, Tourist Club Area (Abu Dhabi)
Tel: +971 2 697 9000
Map: TripAdvisor
Opening hours: 12.30pm-3.30pm, 7pm-11.30pm

We like the Rodeo Grill at Beach Rotana, in busy TCA (Tourist Club Area) a lot ... Customer service is always pleasant and professional from the moment you call-up, to the point of arrival (Friendly valet service and concierge), to when you are led to your plush and comfortable bankers' style arm-chairs, to the actual meal ... :-)

The bread and butter combination here is possibly the best in town, with a large loaf of bread whic his made up of different sections, white/sun-dried tomato/olive/multi-grain etc. This is complimentary of course.

Here's our Gazpachio ... Tastes like a cool tangy salsa! Complimentary as well :-)

What you are looking at here could very possibly be the BEST STEAK IN ABU DHABI ... Divine Wagyu Rib-Eye Marbelisation 5, cooked to perfection (Medium-rare). Juicy, moist, tender, full of flavour :-)

Here's a comparison of what used to be our favourite steak-house versus Rodeo Grill ...

Meat Co, Souk Qaryat al Beri -
1) Indifferent service,
2) The ambience lacks "special",
3) The steaks are priced similarly to Rodeo Grill (and 18 Oz - One to One, The Village) but does NOT include sauces and side-dishes, which are priced separately, and most damagingly ...
4) The steaks were over-cooked on each occassion we were there (three times), and thus less juicy and not tender.

Rodeo Grill, Beach Rotana -
1) Friendly service from the manager to the front-of-house, to each and every one of the waiters,
2) The ambience says "grand and special",
3) The steaks may not be "cheap", but we actually consider it really good value as the meat is wonderful, and a Wagyu 250g (Marble 5) costs about 330 AED, and
4) The steaks are not over-cooked, and medium-rare IS medium-rare. Juicy, tender, perfect!


アンゼエリン said...

I wonder how wagyu beef taste like? never taste before...I ate before Kobe beef...does it taste almost the same too?

Julian Si said...

From my research ...

Wagyu is the breed of cattle. True Kobe beef only comes from Kobe, Japan and is supposedly much much better than than wagyu beef from elsewhere.

I have never tried Kobe! ENJOY :-)

A humble Taiping kaki said...

good to bbq the kobe beef with red wine.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jules,

is it possible to get your email address please if you dont mind.

Julian Si said...

juliansi at gmail dot com

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