Saturday, July 31, 2010

Brunetti - Dubai Mall

Tel: +971 4 339 8173
Located: Ground floor of the Dubai Mall (opposite the aquarium)

Snippet from ...
Experience a slice of Italy in the new cafe now open at Dubai Mall .
Opening its doors on 12th May 2010 is the renowned Italian caff, Brunetti.
Brunetti, the brainchild of Giorgio Angel, is one of the most iconic restaurants in Melbourne, Australia.

Recommended my MD, I was in Dubai Mall one evening to do some rather special window-shopping, and couldn't resist having a short break at Brunetti. Pity I forgot MD had recommended me the Hot Chocolate. I ordered the Cappucino instead which was rather blah :-(

Similarly, I found the cheesecake to be a wee bit too rich, but I supposed if one really wanted to indulge, this is the sort of cake to be had :-) Hmm, next time I will try the strawberry tarts instead :-)

Some shots of the really nice Dubai Mall ;-) One of the inside and one from the outside ... Yes, its next to the Burj Dubai, gorgeous and epitomises the word "sky scraper".

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