Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chicken rice in Abu Dhabi - Wednesdays at Meena Cafe

Wednesday at Meena Cafe, near Port Zayed, is CHICKEN RICE day :-)

I had a choice of steamed or roast chicken, E and myself chose the latter. It was good! Best of all, it cost only slighlty more then RM$13.

Or ... you can have roast duck wan-tan mee in soup :-)

It was so good that I tapaued a portion for work the next day, this time I chose the steamed chicken variety, which was equally good. Perfect with the sweet-ish chicken rice chilli sauce, and I love the fragrant rice ;-) SLURPS!

ps - E, wishing you all the best in your time in Iraq. Cheers bro, and you know you are welcome to visit and eat with me any time in Abu Dhabi, there will be many more trips and meals I am sure!


Anonymous said...

Hi there, Im in Abu Dhabi & in serious search for chicken rice!!!!! I cant seem to find this Meena cafe!!! Please help

Julian Si said...

N24 31' 03.6"
E054 22' 25.5"

Its actually located very close to the Irani souk / market which sells flowers and pots. And, not far from the Co-op at Port Zayed. Good luck!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there! Thx! I rode around yesterday (round port zayed - ko-op centre) didnt find it!!! U have any direct directions? Ok - just to confirm the gps coordinates for place? Oh yes can I get chicken rice any day? Thx & I have enjoyed ur blogs

Julian Si said...

The GPS coordinates should lead you to a sandy car-park area, next to the Iran-souk where they sell ceramic pots.

Meena Cafe is actually INSIDE the construction site beside the carpark, you have to walk in through the Zelan Sdn Bhd security entrance, go along the pathway to the left and its a little canteen there!

Good luck!!

LoLy said...

Your blogs are amazing, i keep reading and finding new stuff everyday :D

Julian Si said...

Glad to be of help :-) Here's to GREAT FOOD in 2012!!